3 tips to go from surviving to thriving your career

Last night a friend came over for a chat, she's at a crossroad in her work life and really don't like the industry she is in. When I asked what she wanted to do with her life instead, she listed all the things she disliked about her current job.

This is quite a normal response, when people are just surviving their job or life, it can be difficult to find the room for positive thinking. It can also be an effort to figure out what to do about the current situation.

"This negative thinking brings with it, negative emotions. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, despair, anger and sadness."

But if you learn to use a few small tools to trick your brain, you might just make room enough to create that change you need.

After a while we identified that she was unhappy in her current position and that she really didn't know what she wanted. But by pushing her into positive thinking about her current situation and to make her respond in a positive way, she began to let go of the negative thought process.

By doing so she allowed herself to become creative and when you're designing your life your need to think creatively.

Try putting a small amount of thought on something positive in your life, even the smallest things can trigger a positive emotion, write it down, after awhile you will see that you're slowly training your brain to focus on something enjoyable.

"Positive thinking brings with it feeling of hope, joy, love, and interest for the things we are doing and for the life we lead."

I was trying to trigger her positive thinking process, because of several things. First of all, what you focus on becomes bigger, knowing this, why not make a conscious decision to use something positive as an anchor to trigger you into a positive state of mind? An anchor is a tool you use, to remind you to do something, something you can't avoid. It can be a sentence, or a physical item - What could your anchor be ?

Secondly because when you think positively your whole being project a positive attitude, and this is very likely to attract positive change. Lastly she finally played along and dared to dream, that was when something great happened. She allowed room to create a plan, a plan that would help her to go from surviving to thriving.

3 tips to go from surviving to thriving:

  1. Identify an anchor to help you stay in the positive spiral.
  2. Make a clear rules with yourself about when you end your daily work ... even checking emails from bed is work! Don't bring work to bed.
  3. Find 3 positive things about your day and write them down. This helps change your focus.
" What we focus on becomes bigger, wisely chose your focus"

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Now go out and design the life you're meant to live!