5 steps to reach your audacious career goals

You need to feel it! To see it and hear every little detail – it’s when we do that, the MAGIC starts to happen. Visualizing your performance and planning ahead of time is something many athletes are doing. They are seeing every detail, feeling every feeling, and mentally working through every possible scenario before they go out there and reach their goals. The same techniques can be applied to any goal you might have for your life, school or career. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the time and effort to do and your success rate will be a lot higher.

Write down everything you can think of in this process and you will get it out of your head and be able to visualise it. Fact! Your brain process, learn and remember best if notes are written by hand.  By breaking everything up into chunks make it easier to achieve your goals.

You can use these small steps in everything you do and you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to.

You can do the same by following a few clever steps. 

  1. What’s your goal – What is it you want to achieve? If you don’t know it’s going to be difficult to get there.
  2. What will reaching this goal give you – Really try to dig into the feeling of thinking about reaching this goal- How does it make you feel? Excited, Happy, smiling, warm and fuzzy etc.
  3. So you have identified your goal. Now break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces.  Let’s say your goal is 3 month from now and imagine you have nailed it, you see it you feel it? Now ask yourself “what did I do just before I came to this” then trace back to today. This is called a backwards timeline. Using backwards timelines is good to help you get your goals and milestones planned lout. 
  4. Now that you got the feelings down, you need to identify what can stop you or stand in your way? – Here I’m talking about all the obstacles you can run into on your way to achieving this goal, it can be Time management that’s off, struggles if something is hard to do, bad planning or simply just procrastination. How can you bypass these obstacles (If there is any, and there probably will be)
  5. Who is around you to support you, who can give you the support you need, both with the actual steps and help you by giving you a nudge to move forward.