Building a SASSY Business

Moving to a new country, not speaking the language or being familiar with the local way of life and not knowing a soul in this beautiful city, I wondered what I could and should do here for work?

None of the shoulds and could was appealing to me, and I needed to find something to do.

Then a an opportunity came knocking, a headhunter called, he was informing me about a position as a trainer for a tech company… Trainer? I never considered that a formal teaching education and a decade in private industry could make me eligible to work as a trainer for a company. I jumped at the chance, the first interview with the Headhunter was scheduled.

We got on great, he sent my paperwork straight over to his client, they were setting up their EU office right here in Amsterdam.

After 7 interviews and a demonstration of their products and spending numerous hours on the phone, with the US office and a face to face with the CEO, The headhunter was explaining to me, that they couldn’t make up their mind!

”They really like you… but …still undecided.. They want you to do a small assignment before making a decision.”

I was okay with that! What I wasn’t okay with, was the fact that they didn’t have any clue, what a small assignment was. It took me 30 hours and left me feeling I was just doing free work. To make a very long story short, I didn’t get the job…

The move and this experience forced me to look at what I wanted to work with and what MY passion was, how could I build a bridge between the two? I asked myself so many questions, I weight the pro’s and con’s .. What should I do? should I settle for a job that would get me nowhere? Or should I take a chance and broaden my horizon?

I found a free 2-day coaching course in London, I went to explore new opportunities and to find out if a coaching certification was for me. It was! And coach I became.

”This was the catalyst of the beginning of the new and more Sassy Sascha.”

For the past 6 months, I’ve been working on the business plan, the strategy and the setup of this very Sassy Business I call Sassy Training. I am very proud to be able to show you the results of my hard work and also my great passion.

While working on this new business idea and turning this idea into a business, I have learnt a lot about myself as I have seen myself grow and become self – confident, professional in my approach on business matters and at the same time gone through a great personal change.

“And everything they say is true – You make mistakes, sometimes even a lot! But pick yourself up from where you fell, you get up, dust yourself off – and then you move on! Every time you look back, you know you have improved a little bit more from before.”

My focus in my work is helping ambitious women create a career & life they love. When you connect the two, you are building bridges. They work best if they connect with each other and when this happens the most wonderful things come out of this connection.

"Because it’s all about building bridges between people and competence."