Career success is all about focus.

A few months ago I had a client come to me for Career Coaching, she had just moved to Amsterdam and she really wanted to jumpstart her career and begin her new life.

The thing is, when moving to a new country we don't always have the opportunity to start working at the same level as we had before moving I have heard that time and time again, and most have to start over from scratch, this can be quite concerning and daunting.

This client of mine wanted help to figure out what she wanted to do while living here. She knew exactly what she didn't want and was talking a lot about those jobs. I usually say to all my clients and to myself " What you focus on becomes bigger, so wisely choose your focus"

I explained to her that she need to shift her focus from what she DIDN'T want to work with, to what she DO want to work with and focus on that. Look at how you say things to yourself and to the people around you. Is "should do" a bigger part of your career that "Need to do" If yes - CHANGE THAT. When you need to do something, as in " Can't help myself- the need becomes a driving force which will help you start working towards your needs and your dream goals. Should will slowly leave your life and your focus becomes positive, driven, fun and in the end empowering to your career and life.

Back to my client, after I coached her for a few sessions she became more clear about what she could do to go after what she wanted and needed. One day between our sessions she phoned me up and said " I just got a call from a big player in the Education industry, they saw my application and they want to meet me" I invited her for a interview prep session. which was both fun for me and her. She got the job!

And so can YOU...