Create your own direct route to career success

Earlier this year a young professional with ambitions to make an international career came to me to discuss what coaching could do for her. She was under the impression that coaching was something fluffy and something that involved burning incense, dancing around the bonfire naked, while chanting positivity mantras.. she was sceptical, to say the least.

We had a chat about her wants and needs and how I could help her design her own direct route to her dream of having an international career. At the time she was working for an international company and wanted the opportunity to move up and out into the business world. We worked for a few sessions to identify her dreams and then we analysed how realistic they were within in the time frame she had set for herself. The way I work is by asking a series of questions directed to open up and shed light areas you have not thought of yourself. Creating a plan of action which is realistic and so clear that its function as a career roadmap.

Back to my client, we identified her WHY, and to a degree that her WHY was so clear that she could feel it, taste it and see it before her. At this point we had been working for about three or four sessions together, I presented her with a tool which allowed us to create her own timeline and enable her to backtrace each step on the road to international success. When we were done she had her own roadmap a clearly formulated plan of action to support her on her road to achieving her dream.

In business and in life it really is all about focus and goals. Ask yourself - what do you want? as in what do you REALLY want. If you do this and make sure to write out a plan you will have a direct route to your dreams. Look at it this way, any successful business has a business plan, a plan which allows the business to grow and succeed. So why should you not have a business plan for your career?

"As long as do what you've always done, you'll get more of what you always got"

My client, she managed in a year to power through and is now on the fast track to the international dream she always wanted.