This is what my happy clients had to say about our work together


Louise Radoor Larsen - Business Development

My approach to Sassy Training was complicated, yet simple: Ask me the questions I am unable to ask myself. I have been thinking long and hard about how to find the right career path. Having ambitions and wishes to reach beyond national boarders and striving in an environment full of inputs, Sascha has truly shown me the light and helped me lay the bricks down piece by piece. The greatest outcome of this whole process so far - I am not letting her go that easy - is a very specific career action plan to reach the dreams which I thought would only be in a fairy tale far, far away. It turns out, it is just around the corner when you create your own direct route. Focused, Determined and Consistent. (and full of energy!) Thanks Sascha!

Nina kettle - Sales operations Manager

"Sascha helped me break through my mental block by enabling me with actions (actually steps) that I could apply in my personal and professional life to reduce my anxiety in order to be successful in my career. She is an inspiring person who has not only the theoretical experience but the practical know-how to coach a person. I have been truly enriched by meeting her and having her coach me."

Somaye Dehban - Founder Your Funding Network

"Sascha treats you as "one of her own" rather than just another "client" - coaching is really her passion and not merely her profession. I approached Sascha for an interview that I was called for on a short-notice which brought extra anxiety regarding my performance. She helped me to first feel more confident about myself and my capabilities, then helped me structure my points in a very coherent manner and lastly helped me with breathing exercises which almost completely eliminated my anxiety. I highly recommend Sascha for anyone who wants to stand-out in an interview."

Lee bouchard- Communications manager

"Sascha really helped me get on my way! I needed focus and direction - which she helped me to find. I saw a hundred paths, but didn't think I was ready to take any of them. She helped me to recognize my skills, and to "jump right in" and take concrete steps towards building a new career in a new country - where I don't speak the language fluently - after many years as a stay at home mom. She was so friendly and understanding, it was just like talking to a (very wise) friend. Sascha could easily put 2 and 2 together to help me see opportunities where I saw roadblocks. She also kept me on track to meet my main personal and financial goals, which tended to slip out of my view behind the day to day details. And she has remained so supportive even after the end of our sessions. So now I am off on a new adventure. Thanks Sascha!"

Ella Quivooy - Communications consultant

"I worked with Sascha on a 3 month career coach program. Sascha really helped me to become clear about my career goals and objectives. She wasn't afraid to ask tough questions and dig deeper, she really challenged me to figure out what motivates me and why. She is a great listener and support and it was essential to have her there through a major transition time during my career. She is warm, friendly and inspiring and I would recommend her to any one looking for some guidance or career support."

Camilla Rosenkilde - Risk manager

"I had the pleasure to receive career coaching from Sascha during the spring 2016. Sascha is very professional and passionate about her work and she inspired me to define my personal career goals and more importantly how to achieve them by using concrete and precise tools and advice giving. I can recommend Sascha 100% for career coaching!"

Yves - Line Houblon - Choreographer & Dancer

"Sascha did really understand my situation from the first session. I feel comfortable with her to talk about my wish. Nicely, she finds the right words to guide me to make my plan career like organize an efficiency schedule to be less busy and more productive. For sure, she helps me to built confidence and in a carefully way she pushes me to realize what is my real dream. Thanks to Sassy Training I get clear ideas about my goal, get more ambition, I'm happy and I'm Feeling stronger. This is really worth it."

Lene' Michelle Hypolite - Senior Partnerships manager

Sascha has a natural ability in personal coaching. She assisted me in organizing my thoughts, and helping me to work through some of the things which I wanted to improve about myself. 
By allowing me to visually see who I am as a person, as well as challenging me to take the steps necessary to monitor myself, and make the changes I wanted to. With her help, I was able to work on areas which I would never have been able to do alone. I highly recommend her as a Coach! Thank you Sascha for your help!

Malgorzata Pastuszak - HR Professional

Sascha is very open and supporting person who knows a lot of tools how to become more efficient and successful. I needed only a few session and after them I got a dream job! The power and confidence which I got from Sascha was not even countable. I can recommend Sascha to everybody. You won't regret it!

Matilda Ross - Freelance Editor

Sascha’s training was great. I hadn’t been in Amsterdam for long, but I wanted to get my career plan focused as quickly as possible. Sascha asked the right questions that helped me to sell myself and has given me the tools to continue to develop my career plan as I refine my goals over the coming months and years. She listened to me ramble on about my situation and aspirations and was able to help me express these complex ideas simply and adapted her strategies on the fly to suit my individual needs. I’ve now landed a job in my industry and at the same level I was working at before I moved, something I didn’t expect to happen for at least a year. Sascha’s coaching went a long way in giving me strategies and confidence to achieve this goal.

Lelani Lewis - Founder nYAM

Sascha was recommended by a mutual friend of ours. Which couldn't have come at a better time. I was at the beginning of starting my own business, experiencing a crisis of confidence and lack of direction. From the first moment I spoke with Sascha, I felt a sense of ease, she had experienced what I had experienced, so the rapport built between us was immediate. She assisted me in diagnosing my barriers, which effectively led me to recognise the impediments and ways in which to overcome them. I now feel like I have more focus and direction to move my business forward. And with a few successes happening at the back end of the year, 2017 is looking like a very positive year indeed.


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